Leadership Unleashed

The development required to transition successfully from manager to leader is often under-estimated. Just because you have been given a new job title and additional responsibility does not mean you become a leader overnight.  

Leadership Unleashed is a resource of books and podcasts to  support your development as a leader. You can choose to read the books online and listen to the podcasts – both are available free of charge – or you can invest in your own copies to keep and revisit as you grow as a leader. Once you have the overview of the key principles of effective leader behaviour, the skills resource provides bite-sized chunks of development on related topics (factsheets, videos, MP3s and infographics) linked to everyday practical experience. Download the most relevant topics for your needs, build up your own leader development library and learn at your leisure.


This series of books is based on metaphor and explores the key principles of leader behaviour. If you love dogs then you will love my books – if you don’t like dogs then the first lesson of being a leader is to put your own emotion aside and consider the needs of your followers – so give them a go and you’ll be amazed at what you will learn.

What advice would you give to someone starting their development as a leader? This series of podcasts introduces leaders from all walks of life and explores their own personal journeys as well as providing some key messages and insights from their individual areas of expertise.

Need a little help to develop and expand your skills as a leader? This series of resources provides bite-sized chunks in key topics relevant to leader development. Download and develop at your own pace and in the order that is right for you – factsheets, videos, MP3s, infographics.