Books for leaders


Who Put You in Charge?

This book is an inspiring and humorous read for anyone wanting to develop as a leader. Lesley takes you on a journey that identifies the fundamental lessons she learned from trying to be the ‘pack leader’ to her boisterous German Shepherd (Kee’no). It illustrates how these lessons can translate into your day to day life and will help you to understand the impact of your decisions, actions and behaviour as a leader.


How to be the Pack Leader in your School

Drawing on her experience as a former Ofsted inspector and internationally experienced school consultant, Lesley has produced a book that is a ‘must read’ for all principals, head teachers and senior leaders in schools. Using a unique approach, canine metaphors, and supported by real life school-based examples, it introduces 21 key behavioural principles for school leaders and will help you understand how to become the ‘pack leader’ in your own school.


50 Shades of Leadership

What can human leaders learn from dogs? Quite a lot it seems … as a dog owner you need to learn about communication, boundaries, expectations, trust and many other leadership qualities – and you need to learn quickly! This book presents case studies from 25 dog owners who identify the key lessons they have learned from their dog and illustrate how they have translated this into their own behaviour as leaders in the workplace. All sale proceeds from this book are donated to Dogs Trust (a UK based rescue and rehoming charity whose mission is to ensure all dogs enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction).


About the author 

Dr Lesley Hunter is an internationally recognised expert in leader development and specialises in developing elite leaders in education.

Her significant experience in school inspection, monitoring of school improvement, and consultancy on school self-evaluation, has crystallised her understanding of the impact of effective leaders on the capacity for improvement and the sustainability of performance at all levels in an organisation. Lesley believes that there is often too much focus on the development of leadership processes at the expense of developing authentic and effective leaders in practice. She advocates that today’s school leaders need to understand how their values and behaviour underpin their ultimate effectiveness as a leader, to be able to handle the complexity of parental expectations, rigorous inspection and validation systems, multi-curricular demands, and an increasingly high turnover of multi-cultural staff. 

Lesley delivers conference keynotes, seminars and coaching programmes that challenge existing mindsets and introduce powerful techniques to give leaders the strategies to promote and sustain behavioural change and guarantee a shift in their effectiveness and productivity. Her expertise in leader development is internationally recognised and her signature research-based Challenge Choice Change programme helps leaders take their effectiveness to the next level.

Lesley’s academic experience includes delivery on MSc and MBA programmes for Edinburgh Napier University, Kings Centre for Professional Development (UAE), The American University of Ras Al Khaima and Swiss Business School. She holds Fellowships in the Institute of Leadership & Management, The Professional Speaking Association, and The World Business Institute.