Lesley Hunter

Dr Lesley Hunter has achieved a rare balance of practical experience and academic credibility for her work with aspiring and elite leaders. If you want some typical leadership development then Lesley is definitely not the right person for you! But … when you are ready to explore how elite leaders think and behave – look at your own behaviour and how this impacts on the people around you and the dynamics of your team – improve your own performance and the outcomes you achieve – invest in your own development and make the transition to being an elite leader … then you have found the right person to work with.

WORK WITH SCHOOLS — Lesley’s early career in education laid the foundation for her no-nonsense down to earth style of delivery and her ability to analyse and forensically target areas for improvement through extensive experience as a lead inspector of schools in the UK. Her work in education has transcended international and sector boundaries, from working with school principals and senior leaders in Dubai and throughout the Middle East to delivering leader development modules on MBA/MSc programmes for universities in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Geneva. She is currently an integral member of a team of educational advisers to the Crown Prince Court in United Arab Emirates supporting the implementation of a national Moral Education curriculum in all UAE schools.

WORK WITH COMPANIES — Lesley has an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience in what makes leaders effective and how they can impact on the performance of any organisation. Her research has explored the need for clear distinctions between ‘leadership’ and ‘leaders’ and has led to the creation of the revolutionary Challenge Choice Change construct. Through this work with aspiring and elite leaders, she has established a wide reach into both public and private sector organisations with clients in police forces, military, healthcare and global manufacturing companies.



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COMING SOON ... Listen to Lesley's TEDx Talk where she explains why leadership development doesn't develop leaders and what we need to do about it.


COMING SOON … Listen to Lesley’s TEDx Talk where she explains why leadership development doesn’t develop leaders and what we need to do about it.


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