The Choice stage focuses on developing your repertoire of behaviour to increase your flexibility and effectiveness as a leader. It builds on the specific outcomes from the CCCI diagnostic that is linked to the behavioural framework for elite leaders.

CHOICE is achieved through a customised programme of developmental techniques that is delivered directly to you electronically over a period of six weeks. Each technique is selected specifically to target the most relevant behavioural elements identified from your diagnostic profile. As a result, this is a genuinely personalised programme that will then be embedded into your practice in the CHANGE stage using the signature CCC Elite Leader Strategy.

  • Builds on the behavioural strengths identified in your CCCI profile
  • Focuses on opportunities for development identified in your CCCI profile
  • Draws on powerful techniques to develop elite leader behaviour
  • Underpinned by a resource of over 100 developmental techniques drawn from the disciplines of psychology, coaching, neuro-science and emotional intelligence
  • Delivered automatically to your inbox over a 6-week period providing links to download videos, factsheets, MP3s, infographics and build up your own personal development library

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