The Change stage builds on the weekly integration of behavioural techniques and embeds these into your core practice as a leader. It develops sustainability and makes your behavioural change ‘stick’. This is achieved using the signature CCC Elite Leader Strategy, which is a unique approach based on extensive research with elite leaders that models best practice.

The CCC Elite Leader Strategy is a synthesised process of how elite leaders think and prepare before converting their thoughts into action. It focuses on the sensory aspects of their approach and is presented as an easy to follow flowchart of criteria to satisfy at each step. 

Change completes the three-stage cycle so now is the time to evaluate your development by revisiting the CCCI diagnostic. Your second report will illustrate the variances in your behaviour as a leader and highlight the impact of your development.

  • Unique embedding strategy based on best practice modelling
  • Builds sustainability by making your behavioural change ‘stick’
  • Completes the three-phase Challenge Choice Change cycle
  • Provides the foundation for re-evaluation of your behaviour by revisiting the CCCI diagnostic
  • Illustrates changes in your behaviour against the elite leader framework

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