Research has shown that the most effective leaders regularly reflect on, and question, their own behaviour and performance. The Challenge stage harnesses this self-reflection by using the Challenge Choice Change Inventory (CCCI) to develop your self-awareness of your behaviour as a leader.

CCCI is an online diagnostic that has been developed and supported by over a decade of research. It is underpinned by a framework of elite leader behaviour and will highlight the key strengths you need to maintain while pinpointing the specific behavioural elements where you need to focus your development. Your personalised CCCI report will lay the foundation for the subsequent CHOICE and CHANGE stages where you will receive a customised programme of developmental techniques and the signature CCC Elite Leader Strategy.

  • Easy to use online diagnostic
  • Self-assessment against 90 statements that takes 10-12 minutes to complete
  • Comprehensive personalised profile report available immediately
  • Profile report maps a customised programme for the CHOICE stage that is delivered automatically to your inbox over the next 6 weeks
  • Underpinned by a resource of over 100 developmental techniques drawn from the disciplines of psychology, coaching, neuro-science and emotional intelligence
  • The first step in your journey of elite leader development


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